Tips for digital recording

We want to make it as easy as possible to use our service.  By following these guidelines we will be able to turn your digital dictation into the format you require promptly, cost effectively and accurately:

  • Get to know how to use the digital dictating technology you are using.  Do a practise recording and play it back to see how clear the digital audio file is.  You’re welcome to send your practise recording to us to listen to and offer guidance, if required.
  • Keep background noise to a minimum when recording (i.e. no music, chat, traffic, clicking of pens and with mobile phones switched off).
  • Talk slowly and clearly.  Be mindful to speak consistently into the device not fading in and out.
  • If there are several people in a focus group or interview, encourage only one person to talk at a time (i.e. no over-talking and interruptions).  Place the recording equipment centrally so the voices of all participants are clear.
  • Use recording equipment that is suitable for digital dictation as this will provide optimum sound quality.
  • If you have multiple participants in your recording, please ask each person to introduce themselves by name as this will help us match voices to names for accurate identification of each person in the transcript.
  • Recordings done in a small room provide better acoustics than recordings in a large room.
  • Provide spelling of unusual names and terms.
If you have a template you would prefer to use please send it to us, otherwise you can choose from one of our transcript templates.


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Based in New Zealand, we provide medical transcription and legal transcription services to clients locally and internationally.  We have kept pace with technology while drawing on a background of expertise working with the legal and medical sectors.  This means we understand the demands of the two sectors.