The transcription process

You can be sure that your legal and medical transcription job will get the time, care and the attention to detail our clients have come to value and expect.   The process is as follows: 

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your transcription requirements, including:

  • Your deadline
  • Any other specific requirements in transcribing your work.

A confirmation outlining your transcription project and costs are sent for your approval.

You confirm that you are happy to proceed and send us your work in the format outlined below

Our transcriptionists work on your project and will deliver within agreed time frame.


File Delivery

  • Send your digital dictation (audio file) by one of the following methods
    • Email attachment
    • Upload to Dropbox
    • Link to file upload service
    • A USB or CD via courier
    • Email attachments, Dropbox or a link to an uploaded audio file are the easiest methods of file transfer

File Formats

We work with audio files for transcription services in the following formats:

  • ds2
  • dss
  •  mp3     
  • wav
  • wma

If your audio file format is different to those mentioned, we can convert most audio streams.   If your audio file is too large to send by email, we can recommend a free file transfer site to help you with this.



Contact us

+64 9 473 3564

+64 21 987 949


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About us

Based in New Zealand, we provide medical transcription and legal transcription services to clients locally and internationally.  We have kept pace with technology while drawing on a background of expertise working with the legal and medical sectors.  This means we understand the demands of the two sectors.