Legal transcription service

Having a high degree of expertise in providing legal transcription services we understand the need for both accuracy and guaranteed turnaround times to meet your deadlines.   Documents transcribed for legal work include basic legal typing through to complex medico-legal. 

Legal transcription services include:

  • General correspondence
  • Agreements, contracts and reports
  • Court documents
  • Employment law
  • Family law
  • Corporate law
  • Criminal law
  • Private and corporate investigation arbitration
  • Interviews with New Zealand government departments


We can work with your organisation anywhere from an on-demand legal typing service right through to a permanent outsourced transcription provider.

Our rate for transcription which needs to be completed overnight (for example, audio of the day's arbitration where the transcripts are required for the following day's arbitration) is $60.00 per hour + GST



Legal Transcripton
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About us

Based in New Zealand, we provide medical transcription and legal transcription services to clients locally and internationally.  We have kept pace with technology while drawing on a background of expertise working with the legal and medical sectors.  This means we understand the demands of the two sectors.